For A Love As Amazing As She Is

I got my giving key on Valentine's Day from my mom. The word inscribed on my key was "Love," fitting for such a day from my best friend, my strength and my admiration, my mom. She always taught me we deserve a love so giving and so compassionate. I knew ultimately I would meet someone down the road and give away my love key to someone in need. I always wondered who I would choose, who would be Mr. Right. Tonight as I was sitting in church, I was thinking back to a phone call that I got from my best friend, who had been burned by love and was desperately hurting. It broke my heart to see someone as amazing and loving as her hurt so deeply and so badly. My key is merely a symbol, a charm of sorts, but I wanted to give my love and hope for love to my best friend, a person so deserving. I hope she gets what she gives and I pray the right person comes into her life and surrounds her with a love as amazing as she is.