After going to Haiti on a mission trip this past December, a girl on my trip told me about The Giving Keys. My life motto has always been "Fearless," but after losing five friends in two years, its become really hard to live up to. For Christmas last year, my mom bought me a Giving Keys necklace with the word "Fearless." 

Now I know that when you come across someone who you think needs the word on your necklace more than you do, you're supposed to give it away, right? Well on March 16th of this year, a very close friend of mine lost his older sister in a car accident. I was talking to him just tonight at our church service, and he asked about the key I around my neck (because I literally never take it off). After I told him about it, he kept eyeing it and I thought, no better place than now. He just lost his sister; he needs it more than me. And so I took it off as to give it to him, and he straight up said with a smile on his face, "Bailee, I don't need it, I have God. Trust me, I'm fine." I gave him a HUGE hug with tears in my eyes and told him I loved him. As I left church, I texted him and told him what an inspiration he is, and he replied, "I'm nothing special, it's a God thing." 

I can honestly say I've grown from those people who have passed on. It's shown me a whole knew meaning on life. It has brought me so much closer to God than I could ever be. But losing a sibling and being able to be THAT strong?! That's Fearless. That's living without fear. And that's why I believe that right now at this very moment, I need this key more than anyone that I have come across. This key was placed around my neck so I could learn to be Fearless. So that I could be like Jake and to have that childlike faith. So I could learn to walk in the path of God and be FEARLESS. So that when I give this key away to someone, I can tell them the true meaning behind being Fearless. It's not just a key on a chain with some letters stamped on it. It's SO MUCH MORE than that. This key has true meaning. True meaning to me.

God Bless.