A Source of Grace

I was in a boutique and the owner asked me of she could show me something. She immediately took me to her display of the "Giving Keys" and said she felt like I would understand your message. As she was telling me the story behind the keys, I randomly picked one of the necklaces up. As I turned the key and saw the word "GRACE" on it, I knew this was fate. I happen to volunteer most of my time to a non-profit called the GRACE Foundation.

I am the race director for their largest fundraising event, and all of the proceeds go to helping people in our local community affected by cancer. My dear friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on Christmas Eve 2014. I knew the moment I saw the key with the word GRACE on it that I was meant to buy it, wear it and give it to her. I gave it to her on the day before she left to go have an intensive 10 hour surgery to try and rid her body of the cancer. When I gave her the key and told her the story behind it, we both cried.


She told me that she knows exactly who she will pass the key onto next. A short time before her surgery she found out her brother has the very same kind of cancer she has. I truly believe that picking this key was fate for me and has become and will continue to be a source of GRACE as it is passed on its way. I have been living my own emotional and challenging journey over the past 2 years, and being able to give this key to someone else gave me an opportunity to step outside of my own needs and focus on someone else.

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