Truth, Love, and Courage

My name is Maddy and my two best friends are both named Matt. All three of us have our own Giving key's for our own struggles, given to us by different people for different reasons.

One Matt has been struggling with staying honest with his parents about his lifestyle. His mom gave him the key TRUTH. The key has helped form an honest and open relationship between matt and his mom.  

The second Matt has just recently came out to his friends and family as being depressed. He wears a key that says COURAGE. Matt is the most courageous person i know. He is looked up to by almost everyone that knows him. His friends and family believe that he will be about to over come his struggles, however he just needs a little extra courage right now to get through things. The key was given to him by his mom a while ago before anyone knew about the depression. I like to think that the reason he talked to us about his problems was because of getting some extra needed courage to do the hard, but right thing.

I myself wear a key that says LOVE. On the same chain as the key I put my own tree of life pendant that I always wear. I have spent the last three years of my life in high school living the struggle. throughout the last three years i have dealt with depression, falling in and out of love, anxiety, sexual assault, and ptsd. With a combination of antidepressants and verbal therapy I was able to pick myself up and manage to graduate with my high school class. The key was given to me by the Matts as a graduation gift. The only thing left for me to do to feel completely healed is to feel loved by my friends, family and myself.  

The fact that all three of us have these keys is a connection. We can trade keys back and fourth based on conversations had and certain vibes the day has given you. We support each other with trust, courage, and love on a daily basis. These boys have made me into the girl i am today.