Confidence and Purpose

I got my key about 2 weeks ago. I chose a key that said "FEARLESS" because for the first time I had really decided to take on my dreams of becoming a professional singer/songwriter. Recently, I travelled to Nashville where I had the biggest audition of my life thus far, met some incredible people, made myself a website, arranged a photo-shoot, and set up co-writes and recording for my next trip. I thank my Fearless key for giving me the confidence to fearlessly take on my dreams.

After returning home, I had to get back to the "real world." I'm a leasing consultant for apartments and we have a resident who has been having a rough time. She just went through a domestic violence divorce, lost her job, is supporting 2 kids, and her unemployment has run out despite the fact that she has been desperately searching for a job and going on an interview every day. Her church has really been supporting her and paying her rent. She is running out of time and options and doesn't know what to do. She can't afford her apartment and her ex-husband is not paying any of his child support or alimony. She came in the office crying today trying to figure out her best option. The whole time I was sitting there thinking, 'I have to give my key to her.' As she was leaving, I told my property manager I needed to give my key away. I ran out of the office trying to catch up with her. She had heard of The Giving Keys before so I told her, "I got this key engraved with the word Fearless. It has served it's purpose for me so now I'm passing it on to you. Wear it every day and remember that you can do anything. When it serves its purpose with you, pass it on." She started crying and thanking me. She was so thankful. She let me know that she would pass it on when the time was right.

I already know what my next key will say and I hope that the key can do the same thing for her that it did for me. Always pay it forward.

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