It Takes Only One

Today was the first time I had ever heard of The Giving Keys. I was at work, and struck up a conversation with a customer. She asked me what I was studying in school, and my story began to pour out of me. I had a plan to graduate high school, get into the college I wanted, make the program of my dreams and have my degree in four years.

Long story short, my so-called plan did not work out. I have been raised in a family of faithful Christians and have always been told "it's God's timing". It took 2 years at a community college before getting accepted into the university I wanted, and another 2 years to get into the program of my dreams.

As I shared my story with a complete stranger I felt a calmness fall upon me. She then shared her struggles of life and proceeded to tell me her story. She was studying for the BAR for the fourth time when she met a woman in Starbucks also attempting to take the BAR for the fourth time. They became the best of friends. She then told me the story of the Giving Key and removed her bracelet. The beautiful brass key read "FIGHT" on it.

As she handed it to me, she said, "He never stops fighting for us, as we must never stop fighting for Him". It was a wonderful reminder that as I fought and continue to fight for everything I want, God has and will never leave my side. He continually fights for me and in returns asks that I fight for Him.

Life can be so dark at times and it is easy to fall into the darkness, but it takes only one positive person to remind us that we are not alone in this world!

I can not wait to see where this new journey will take me! I am excited to see where God, and who God leads me to! This one little act of kindness made my entire attitude change. I not only met a wonderful woman today but also a family of missionaries! Sometimes working retail it can be easy to fall into the negativity that customers cause but I will not let them get to me as I will fight to be the light in a very dark world.

Have a blessed day!

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