My Guardian Angel, Bri

I was recently introduced to this company by my friend Jasmine, who bought me a custom key because she felt it was a perfect alternative to the tattoo I plan to get in the future. 

The word on the key is "angel."

We recently lost one of our childhood friends to suicide. She was an amazing person and it was impossible to understand why she would take her own life. The three of us played softball together, and when Bri left us, I vowed to play softball for her. She was my softball angel. My guardian angel. 

Not only did I want to play for her, but I wanted to never forget her. I planned to get a tattoo of the word "angel" over a watercolor tattoo to remind myself to see the color in life because Bri didn't give herself the opportunity to see the color in her life. 

Since I don't plan to get the tattoo yet, Jasmine bought me this key. She told me that I should give it away when I meet my guardian angel. The idea of my guardian angel on earth is of someone who was like Bri... one who has lost hope in their life and no longer sees the color. I am waiting to give this key to a person who has lost hope in their life. I want to remind them that if they leave their friends and family behind they would become a memory. An angel. I want them to see the word "angel" as a reminder to see the bright side and realize that they have a purpose here on earth. They are worth something. I want them to embody the spirit of "angel" and look to God for the hard answers. 

I cannot wait to find my guardian angel. I know they are out there and I know Bri will help me find them.