A Constant Reminder

Where do I begin?! How powerful a word can be, or 7! I began my Giving Keys journey last year at JCLA. I was blessed to meet Caitlin and hear her story. Her vision so inspired me-- you know, the "Why didn't I think of this" type! I immediately had to have one. The first key I purchased was LET GO. Talk about powerful. I wore it daily, and often grasped it in times of distress or sometimes without even realizing it. It became such a part of me. Not long after, I reconnected with a friend from many years ago. She reached out to me asking for help and God, which was huge. She was feeling as though she was at rock bottom as her 17-year marriage had come to an end. She was drawn to my key, and often times if we were out she would ask if she could hold it. One night I was in my studio editing (I am a photographer) and she texted me asking if she could borrow my key for the night. I finished late, but went right to her house and dropped it off for her to keep. She has not taken it off since. Now, I have a LET GO key that I designed tattooed on the back of my neck as a constant reminder. My friend has grown leaps and bounds since that night! And, I still see her holding the key a lot. 

Since then, I have bought BREATHE, GRATEFUL, INSPIRE, FAITH, WORSHIP, and LEAP. GRATEFUL and WORSHIP were both gifts. Great stories behind those, as well... I won't leave all the details, but GRATEFUL went to my friend's son when he was a senior. Mr. "Big Tough Athlete" cried when he received it. It was an amazing moment. And WORSHIP is on its way to a boy who just graduated high school and is like a little brother to me. He has the heart of David and is off to BSSM in a month to pursue music! Cannot wait to give it to him. 

So blessed by Caitlin's vision. She told me a when I met her that we should clearly wear the keys for at least a year, and we laughed. Since then, God has prompted me to give a key in as little as a week. Can't argue with Him! <3