Giving Keys or Car Keys?

My best friend Brienna and I have been inseparable since the 5th grade and have shared countless memories over the years. We spend so much time together yet never get sick of each other. We laugh about anything and everything. We bond over our love for dance and have been competing on the same teams together since middle school. As much as we have in common, Brienna and I are very different. She is much more reserved and shy whereas I am evidently more outgoing and candid. Interestingly enough, our birthdays are only a week a part from each other. No wonder we are best friends. This summer we were both turning 17, a highly anticipated birthday since we would finally be getting our licenses! I wanted to gift her something that would appropriately represent this approaching milestone. I searched high and low at various different stores to find a gift that would properly suit turning 17 and becoming a new driver, but I was failing miserably.

When I saw the Giving Keys at a local jewelry store, I fell in love with the heartwarming and inspiring foundation that the company was built upon. I immediately found a silver key necklace that was stamped with the word "BELIEVE" and knew I had to get it for Brienna. The necklace and key reminded me of a car key and how she would soon be driving straight into the next year of her life, literally. I chose that particular word because I understood that she was extremely nervous about passing her road test and driving in general, so I wanted to remind her that I believed in her and that she should do the same. I even loved the key necklaces so much that my mom gifted me one for my birthday that was gold and engraved with the word "FEARLESS." It truly captures my confidence and ambition. It symbolizes my lack of fear for what lies ahead as I drive full speed into the near future.

I would like to personally thank this amazing company for helping me find a gift that captured the significance of my best friend and I starting off this next year with a key to guide us in whatever direction we choose to drive in.

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