Propelled by Compassion

I received a giving key for Mother's Day at our church. I chose the key "COURAGE" because I knew I would be giving this to my son after his college graduation. He spent his last year in college involved in initiatives to help the poor and homeless. He met amazing people with heart breaking stories and knew the world was much bigger than himself. Because of the gratitude in his own heart, he felt compelled to help those in need on a bigger scale. So he joined AmeriCorp, where the mission is to fight poverty and homelessness. In a few days he will be leaving his comfortable life full of family and friends and move across the country to help those less fortunate than himself. He doesn't think of the sacrifices he will be making just the faces of those who are hurting. I want to give this key to him because I think this is the most courageous and selfless act one can do for another. I know this key won't stay on his neck long because he will find someone who needs it so much more than him.