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Strength to Continue On

Last summer I started to think that I wanted to divorce my husband. He's battled with issues of alcoholism our entire relationship, but the past year it had gotten really bad. I didn't even realize how much his lifestyle affected my life and stressed me out. In September, my sister-in-law bought me a Giving Key with the word "STRENGTH".  

At first I didn't wear it. I didn't really think it would help. But then in November, my ex, 18 beers deep in a night of what he considered normal drinking, looked me in the face and said "I will never give up alcohol for you, so stop trying." I decided that was it and asked him to move downstairs. The next morning I started wearing my key. It took almost 3 months of fighting every single night at 3am when he came home drunk, but I finally got him to move out the 2nd week of January.  

That week I signed up for my first half marathon. A few weeks later I got a contract to sell my house. A few weeks later I signed up for a Mud Run. I wore the necklace everyday...and it reminded me of the happy, loving, strong person that I used to be and who I could become again. I have since sold my house and moved into my own new place, my divorce will be complete in September, I ran my first half marathon in under 2 hours, got 15 girlfriends to participate in that Mud Run with me, am running my 2nd half marathon in September and a 15k in November! 

I recently gave the key to my best friend who is struggling with a cheating husband in the hopes it gives her the strength to determine what she needs to do for her children and to be happy again. I also just bought a key with the word "COURAGE" for another friend going through a very messy divorce and needs to be reminded that everything will be ok. These keys are a great idea, and the message of paying it forward to those who need it is awesome!  

Thank you to the Giving Keys for giving me "STRENGTH"

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