A Life Worth Fighting For

In a life where I have known nothing but hatred, anger, sadness and despair.. where there was a constant war inside my heart and mind.. she gave me PEACE.

She has shown me a life worth fighting for. A future that I thought I would never have. She calmed the hurricane of emotions raging inside of me. She knows exactly what to do when I am caught in the wall of the storm. She soothes my deep and aching pains. She knows when to be gentle and when to be firm. She is like the ocean tide: strong and steady. She will never truly know now much she means to me. I have searched for peace my entire life. I was always moving, something was always happening. I needed an escape. She gave me one. She never has left my side through all the ups and downs. And when I needed her most.. She was right there holding me up. There are a lot of things she has given me. Lately however, things have been getting harder in her own life. Her aunt was re-diagnosed with cancer. She had a court date scheduled and I don't make life easy for her. She is so strong but one can only take so much. One night, I took her out to dinner. It was our first date together. And she looked like an angel that got lost on her way to heaven. She was going through a lot during that time. I could see it in her eyes. In her mind she was battling with anxiety with so much going on. We went back to her aunts later that night. She was tired and worn out. That's when I knew she needed peace. In a moment where she needed someone to lean on, I was her rock. She gave me peace. Something I thought I would never find. She is priceless.