Believing is the Key

I received my key from my beautiful sister-in-law who always gives the perfect gift. She is from California and shared the story of the The Giving Keys with me. I was so excited to wear my key, but honestly I thought, “I LOVE this idea, but how will I ever give this away??” It meant so much to me because the word “BELIEVE” was one I had claimed over and over in the midst of a tough season. The military had brought us to a city across the country where I found it difficult to fit in, and I missed dear friends who were far away. It was during this time I took a step in faith to work with a group of young girls in the youth ministry at church. 

One of these amazing girls has had a special place in my heart. She has been the cornerstone of our little group –stepping out in openness and honesty, making sacrifices to attend regularly, showing kindness and compassion to other kids when they really needed it, and inspiring all of us with her deep faith at such a young age. Her sweet nature put everyone at ease, and without even realizing it, her positive influence poured out on girls who were struggling and they were blessed. I was blessed too. When I discovered her family was moving, I knew who my key was meant for.

I am beyond sad to see her go, but I feel in my heart this move is God’s will for her beautiful family. I am so excited for all that is to come for this special teenager in her new place.

To our Sweet B - Know that we are proud of you. Know that we love you and are cheering you on and praying for you always. Thanks for showing us what Believing is the Key really looks like by the way you live your life. God is taking you where you need to be so more of the world can see it too! Believe it.