I Am Worthy

I'm just another girl who fell for the wrong guy. I liked him so much I ended up letting him take advantage of me, physically mostly, but also with some other stuff. I would try to get away, but going to such a small high school did not help. We had just graduated, and my best friend Emily told me about the giving keys. I had to get one. I needed one. I chose to buy the "LET GO" key and boy did it help. I had my ups and downs, but as I left for college that key helped me in ways I didn't think possible. At last, one day I had an epiphany and knew I was over him. I had realized I am so worth loving and deserve the best, not the decent. A few weeks later a friend of mine at college was dealing with the same kind of guy situation I dealt with. I knew I needed to pass on my key to her. I did not want to give my key away but after seeing how down she was, how disrespectful this guy was to her and yet she still couldn't get away from him.. I knew that girl used to be me. And I knew that key had fulfilled its use, and it was time to give some help to her. I wrote her a letter when I gave her my key, explaining what it was and what this key was for. She thanked me and now every time I see her wear it I am proud to know I am helping someone else. I have told her to pass on the key when she is done with it, and she will get through it. I LOVE THE GIVING KEYS. Thank you for helping me, and my friend get through a self-worth issue that many women battle.

"I have let go, and you can too."