Per California's latest COVID-19 restrictions, we are required to pause our production and sales. As difficult as this is, we are staying hopeful we can resume production as soon as restrictions are lifted. Let’s keep in touch on Instagram at @thegivingkeys.

"Don't be afraid. Just Believe"

I gave the "BELIEVE" key to my sister, Shari, for her birthday on July 27, 2015. She has experienced a great deal of stress recently in coming face to face with many difficult issues. Though she is younger than I, she is a role model for me. She is a godly Christian woman and so strong in her faith. The key is to remind her of the Bible verse..."Don't be afraid. Just BELIEVE." Mark 5:36 You don't have to see to BELIEVE that He's lifting you up on His shoulders! (Words sung in a song by her favorite Christian band, For King and Country) I BELIEVE she had a great birthday celebrating it as the hostess For King and Country at a Christian camp. I BELIEVE in you and love you more than you know!

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