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November 25, 2015

Forever a Part of our Family

I loved hearing about the Giving Keys on the Steve Harvey show not too long ago. As a teacher, I encourage my students to be kind and to pay that kindness forward. I thought about who I would like to have these keys to and I knew that it would be the two girls who have won my sons' hearts. My daughter in law is wonderful and she and my son have given us a beautiful granddaughter. A few months back, my daughter in law started having panic attacks and anxiety. I knew all too well about this disabling condition so I am giving her the key that says "BREATHE" to let her know that she needs to breathe and calmly accept each attack as a bump in the road and not a disabling condition. My other key is going to my younger son's adorable brand new fiance. She comes from a small family and has recently lost her dad. With the upcoming wedding I know that she will be missing him more that ever. I am giving her a key that says "FAMILY" to let her know that she is now and forever a part of ours.


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  • We love you! We always appreciate your thoughtfulness and being there for us!

    Amanda on

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