Cling to Courage

I met my friend Cristal at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) last year. We both have 4 year old boys and we both recently delivered baby girls. The theme of our MOPS this year was Be You Bravely. Cristal, the one on the right, and I, the one in the middle, got to know each other a lot more on our Winter retreat. We had to pick a theme word for our year. Cristal ended up picking two words. Her words were strong and courageous. I had my baby April 21st and she had her baby May 25th. 3 weeks ago, July 19th, Cristal suffered a post partum stroke after having a blood clot in her left frontal lobe. She is currently in the hospital after undergoing 3 neurosurgeries. She hasn't seen her children in 3 weeks and has to learn how to talk, walk, and write all over again. I had the giving key labeled "COURAGE". I brought the key and necklace to Cristal today at the hospital in hopes that she will cling to this word during this extremely difficult time. When the healing comes, my prayer is that she will be able to pass on her courage necklace after making it to the other side of this incredibly challenging trial. Her current story can be followed here: