A Little Extra Strength

I had heard of The Giving Keys from TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit organization), and wanted one instantly. I told my mom about it and she surprised me with a "strength" key that following Christmas. I hadn't told her the word I wanted on it, she just knew. 

That previous summer, right before my sophomore year began, I was in a car accident and shattered my ankle. I experienced some post traumatic stress and on top of that, my dad and I were fighting. So, "strength" was rather fitting for me. 

I am now finally going to be a senior next year and had thought about giving my key away a few times. I almost gave it to a lady struggling with breast cancer, but something inside me told me to wait a little longer, just a little longer. A couple months later, my best friend since the seventh grade was in a car accident. It seemed unreal that he wrecked. He flipped his car 3-4 times, and lost his left arm. He is only 17. His name is Dustin. I am his Beavis, he is my Butthead (seriously that's what we call each other!). We've had our ups and downs, but no matter what, we were always there for the other. I love him. 

The day after his accident, I decided then that my key was his. I think that it had always been his, which was why I couldn't pass it on until now. I wrote him a letter explaining why he now owned the key and told him how strong he was, that I loved him and that he is going to be perfectly fine. I gave the letter and key to his girlfriend to take to him in the hospital that day. She first gave it to his mom. His mom pulled the key out of the envelope, and Dustin's face dropped. He was shocked and repeatedly said, "I cant believe she gave that to me." When his mom told me of his reaction, I started crying. It meant so much to me that he remembered the key and was grateful for it. He has thanked me and brought up how much he loves it many times. It's currently hanging on his mantle at home. 

I've been to see him a few times since and he is still the same ol' Dustin, cracking jokes and everything. I am so thankful for him. He has helped me through everything and now it is my turn to help him through this. It won't always be easy but he can make it through this rough time with his extra strength from me. It's safe for me to say that that key was always his. I believe God led me to find The Giving Keys, so that I am here now writing this. I was meant to give this key to him and someday when he feels is right, he will pass it along to someone deserving of that extra little piece of strength.


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