Dream Big

When I bought my key, I had no idea who I was going to give it to. I had always pictured myself meeting some random person on the street, and having this moment of divine intervention where I would just know to give it to that specific stranger. So I held on to it, wore it around, told people about it, but I never met someone I wanted to give it to.

I just gave the key away to one of my best friends. She is flying down to Bolivia tomorrow to start the groundwork on the non-profit she's been hoping to build up for the past two years. 

I handed her my "Dream" necklace and told her about The Giving Keys. I told her I wanted her to dream big while she was down there. To trust the Lord and know that He has big plans for her and her project. She told me with tears in her eyes that the word "dream" has been one of such encouragement to her over the past few years. 

I guess I should have started looking a little closer to home when I got my key. I didn't end up giving my key to a complete stranger, but I did give it to someone who I fully believe in, who is dreaming big, and whose dreams are going to change the country of Bolivia forever.