Inspire with Passion

Growing up as a dancer myself, I can appreciate the dedication, time, and passion it takes to develop such an amazing production as is that of MOVE LIVE ON TOUR by Julianne and Derek Hough. Having been to their first tour last summer, feeling inspired by their passion and emotion, I felt the overwhelming need to attend their new show, making the journey once again from Brisbane Australia, to Los Angeles USA. Recently I was fortunate enough to experience their second tour and performance in Los Angeles and once again meet with Jules and Derek before the show. I was overwhelmed with the extreme passion they had for not only performing, but also sharing their knowledge on wellbeing. It was clearly evident how much the show had grown in only a year, with such great support from many adoring fans. Speaking with others after the show I was amazed at the positivity and emotion this show encouraged, everyone appearing to be beaming with smiles ear to ear. It is evident just how much Jules and Derek love performing and sharing their passion of both physical and emotional wellbeing, inspiring everyone fortunate enough to experience this incredible production.

Having previously witnessed the wonderful effects of the MOVE show and having felt inspired myself by their incredible passion, I felt it was time to pass on the giving key INSPIRE. I therefore passed it on to Jules Hough herself. I hope this reminds her of the incredible work they have already accomplished, and also encourages her to continue to inspire others with her passion and positivity. I feel blessed to know this giving key is in her safe hands, and truly hope it inspires her, as she had inspired me.

Jules and Derek, you are both incredibly talented, as are all the cast and crew of the MOVE family. I thank you for inspiring and empowering everyone with your energy and love of dance. Wishing you both all the very best in your future endeavors. May you continue to inspire others with your positivity.

Sending love from Australia,
Emma Bayliss


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