Spreading Hope

I got married on May 29, 2015. I wanted to pay it forward and I decided to give each of my guest a GIVING KEY. I choose 5 words and each guest received one key. The keys were randomly placed at everyone's plate. The GIVING KEY video was shown prior to our guest entering the ballroom and as a surprise they each received a key. I LOVE this company and have ordered tons of keys and people just have such an amazing reaction to it. It was amazing to see everyone, including elderly men, wearing their keys at the brunch the next day. At any rate, we traveled to Indonesia for our honeymoon. We did a day of volunteer and I had keys left over from the wedding. I attached the keys to my backpack as we traveled for 16 days through Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Our last day we spent it in Jakarta on a tour called HIDDEN JAKARTA - a tour to expose the real problems of the hidden poverty. It was devastating to say the least. We brought items to pass out to the children but it felt it was not enough. During this tour, I was introduced to a little girl who was doing homework. There was no smile on her face. She caught my attention. I immediately thought I would give her the HOPE key. Attached is a photo of her holding the key. After I put it on, she gave me a big smile. I love this company, I love what it stands for, I love the work it does and it provides, I LOVE the positive energy is provides and the response I get when I give one away. I am a GIVING KEY supporter for life. Keep it up folks!