You are My Strength

I got this STRENGTH key for Mother's day, in the begining stages of going through my divorce from my daughter who inspires me to be strong and knew that I would need it with everything I was going through, and although God is my strength, I have held onto this key with both hands sometimes, and cried out to God for strength to do what needed to be done, and sometimes to NOT do what I really wanted to do. I have worn this key day and night for 5 months, When I got this key I started to pray that God would show me when to give it up, and who to give it to. I held on to this tangible representation of “God's Strength” for dear life, when my nights were filled with nightmares and I couldn't sleep, when I was unsure of where my life was headed, when I felt God wasn't there for me, when I wanted to wallow in self pity, when my daughter graduated, when my son left for 6 weeks, and everything I have had to go and grow through these last 5 months, This key has saved me by giving me the strength that I needed, it has been a constant reminder that God is there ALL the time. And if I let Him be my strength He will be. 

In the short time that I have gotten to know my friend Tracey, I have seen her struggle and grow in her relationship with God, I have seen her struggle and open yourself up, and be “Real” – trusting me with her story, I feel truly honored to be her friend. 

I gave her this key, because God chose for her to have it. And right now it is her tangible representation of “God's Strength” in everything that she is are going through.