Forever Family

My "FAITH" key that I received for Mother's Day is traveling from Wyoming to Maine! For the last two months, my daughter's family has hosted a 16 year old Ukrainian orphan. He was displaced from his his first host family in the U.S. He had no plans on being adopted, as he knew he had "aged" out of the program. About five families in the USA would have the proper paperwork done before Vova's 16th birthday. Likely hood was slim and he thought hopeless. As a result of great hosting, promoting and most important praying (more like crying out loud!), Vova has a beautiful awesome faithful family that has not met him yet, but loved him as if they had forever! Remarkable people that I hope to someday meet. Although we are in Wyoming we have to part with this sweet boy this weekend. After legalities in the Ukraine, he will unite with his forever family.