When Strength Remains

I'm a CNA at a nursing home and there's a girl that works there that I've become close with... almost like a little sister figure. She's only 18 but has been through so much in her life so far. While Jordan was driving her and her two siblings to school a few winters ago, they were in a car accident and her brother unfortunately passed in the accident and Jordan was critically injured. Although she still suffers from severe back injuries she continues to remain strong. At only 18 I've seen an incredible STRENGTH I haven't seen in many older adults and I can't even begin to explain how much I admire her for it. I got her the necklace with the word STRENGTH on it to remind her how strong she is and to remind her I'm always here for her! 

P.S. She doesn't know she's getting it yet because I just ordered it but I am really excited to give it to her and hope it means as much to her as it does to me!