A Spark of Hope

My journey with cancer began two year ago. I was a 33 year old healthy female. I began to have headaches in the morning and then throughout the day. I went to the doctors, who diagnosed me with allergies, then to neurologist who said maybe tension headaches but ordered an MRI to be safe (thankfully). It was revealed then I had a tumor on my brain but her impression was that it was benign. She sent me immediately to one of the best neurosurgeons on the east coast. He was able to remove the tumor, it was a Medulloblastoma (actually more common in children) and was malignant. I then had 6 weeks of radiation and 8 rounds of chemo. All of the side effects expected were experienced. My journey was successful due to the amazing doctors, treatment, love, support from family & friends, faith and hope. Recently I had to have another surgery that was related to the original surgery. A very caring, loving and consistent supporters, gave me the HOPE necklace. It was what I needed to get through the last leg of this journey. It reminded me to have hope and it also sparked others to have hope.