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Love for New York

I didn’t exactly give my key away on purpose. 

I bought myself a LOVE key for my 40th birthday present. I had been living in New York City for 3 years and this year was extremely rough personally and professionally. As a result of this year I decided to move closer to family in Philadelphia. I needed that love of my family to keep me sane. The moving itself was emotional and drawn out. 

Today was the first day I am back in the city for work, and I an no longer a New Yorker. I come into town now once a week for work. I was walking through the Upper East Side yelling at my Philadelphia cable company on my cell bc they are awful (Comcast. They need the ‘get it together’ key if you have one) and I looked down to see my chain torn in half and the key was just gone. I was upset, but being New York..I didn’t have time to think about it, who knows where it ended up, and I had a subway to get on. When I was explaining to my sister that I was upset bc I lost it I had an epiphany....

God actually gave me the LOVE I was looking for, its in Philadelphia. 

Its where I am restarting life again. I don’t need the LOVE key anymore because I found real love again in person. I got that key maybe hoping for a romantic love, but being surrounded by family and true life long friends is way more supportive and encompassing than any romantic love could ever be. God knows, well everything, but also knows I needed that more. New York needs the love more than me now. Maybe some person on the Upper East Side will see a little antiqued silver LOVE key on the pavement, on a day when they just feel like the city is eating them alive and there is no love left in the world. I hope you find that key New Yorker, and it gives you a heart squeeze to hold onto <3 – Heather Marley, New York -> Philly


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