There is Always Love

I was given this key about a year ago by my God daughter for no particular reason except to tell me that she loves me. I loved wearing it especially because of the cause behind it. There is a young lady in my life who I cherish and has had a real rough go of things this summer. Her boyfriend broke up with her, her Dad isn't all that kind and loving to her AND her Mom is very sick with cancer. She has been the sole caregiver for her Mom for the past 10 years as her Dad and Mom split up about the time her Mom found out she had cancer. I watch this beautiful young woman go through life with an incredible positive attitude, and the most uplifting, dimpled smile you could imagine. I love her so much and want her to know that no matter how tough life gets, there is always LOVE coming from myself and my entire family.

Thank you to THE GIVING KEYS for this awesome idea and the avenue to tell someone you love them in a very unique way.