Stroll through the Park

I first received this necklace in a gift bag from an event. I wore this Key "SUCCESS" for a few months off and on with other necklaces. I had in mind to pass it on who was working hard towards life goals. There was a single mom I was chatting with at a park while our kids played. She got a text on her phone and seemed down after reading it. I didn't know this mom, but asked if she was alright? She began to tell me how she has her two kids and on her own now with a recent divorce. Her daughter was younger than mine. I couldn't imagine being a single mom and trying to work and raise the household money on my own. Doing everything alone as a single parent. I know she is not the 1st single parent I have come across, but she pulled on my heart strings. The text she got was an email actually. It was to inform her that she didn't get the job that she interviewed for. It was going to work better with her schedule and pay more than her current job. I felt for her the struggles she was going through as she watched her kids play in the park with out a care in the world. They were happy and she was sad or it seemed a little. I was wearing the key to success necklace...decided to pass it onto this single mother in hopes of success in both: Getting a job that suited her needs and success in parenting on her own and getting a group of support around her like close friends to help her succeed. She was so happy and I told her to just wear it as a reminder and set your goals to succeed. Then pass this key onto someone else. <3