Extraordinary Encouragement

I found out about The Giving Keys through being a small group leader for my church this past summer at Big Stuf Camps. My mom even pointed the key necklaces out to me before we left for camp because she had seen them on Instagram. She asked me to buy one for her, however, when I went to the camp store (the morning of Day 2) the necklaces were already sold out! I texted my mom back home and we agreed to order our own when I got back home.  

My mom purchased a necklace that said "DREAM", my bracelet says "BRAVE", and my sisters both got keys as well - one got a necklace that says "LOVE" and my other sisters got a bracelet that says "FEARLESS." I was incredibly intrigued and I began to read all of the stories that people posted. I watched the videos and started following The Giving Keys on Instagram! I became inspired to do more than just Pay It Forward with my own key.  

My siblings and I own a business together called The Rusty Barn where we create home decor. We grew up in a Christian home and my parents instilled in us the value of tithing and giving back to God what he has given to us. Every three months we give 10% of our sales to a different charity. We had a big sale coming up at the end of August so we agreed that we would use 10% of sales to purchase things from The Giving Keys to give to people we felt needed the encouragement.  

Our order was shipped to our house this past week and I am so excited to begin giving away keys to friends, and maybe even anonymously as I see the need. This is an organization that I believe will change Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Kenya ... wherever these keys end up I believe that God will use them in extraordinary ways and I am honored to play a small part in Paying It Forward.

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