Love is All you Need

I was given my key from my best friend, Carly. Someone who ACTUALLY understands me. It was a time that was a little gray. Not black; but turning. I hung the key in my car, where I would see it everyday. You see, on the outside I'm positive. I am seen to see rainbows and butterflies. I have no ugly. People feed off my energy. But they don't know. They don't see the anxiety, depression, and unsecure Danielle. No one. Carly on the other hand, she see's through me. More than anyone else does. Not all of it, but more than others. That's why I received this key. Two weeks after receiving this key, I fell madly in love. I got a huge promotion at work, and I was happy. I was stable. Things were looking up. That was in May. It's now September. I just lost my job. I lost my health insurance. I had to move back in with my mom after 8 years of freedom. I'm sleeping on a couch infested with dander. (something I am highly allergic too.) I have no income. And no more anxiety/depression meds. But. I have my boyfriend. The man of my dreams. The only thing I really, truly need to keep me going. And that's something of Carly's that was lost. LOVE. The most valuable, true thing to me in this world. Something so incredible that words cant describe. She lost that. So last night, I gave the key to Carly. Actually. I gave it back to Carly. She needs it more than I do. 

Love is all you need.