Back To Her Light

After a rough five years with two rare medical conditions and a more recent health setback, my husband surprised me for our tenth wedding anniversary with the "LET GO key. It has been a reminder of letting myself off the hook when it comes to life. I tend to be hard on myself and frustrated with my "normal". It has affected me on all levels, especially spiritually. In the midst of the health diagnoses, it was also shared with me that it wouldn't be a good idea for my husband and I to have a biological child. It was a soul crushing experience and equally difficult trying to stay upbeat and positive for friends getting pregnant.

However, my key is to remind me that while one door might close, it is the other door that bursts open with possibility. My husband and I are hoping our parental journey can start this coming year with the hope of adoption. My key has been with me every single day. Going to work on days I still didn't feel 100%, to a big clinical trip to see doctors at Vanderbilt University, to supporting me on the good days. For the past month, I knew I felt ready to "LET GO" and share this treasure with someone. One of my best friends in the world is going through a heart wrenching loss. She , herself, combats two debilitating autoimmune diseases and recently lost her mother to an agonizing battle with pancreatic cancer.

She and I text just about every day and tonight she said she was in her most fragile and dark place. I wish I could wave a magic wand and melt her pain and sadness. Or wrap her up so tight in a hug. I thought maybe the key might provide her with the comfort of knowing a hug and something protective was always with her. Cradling her at her most vulnerable so she might find a way back to her light. I plan on giving it to her this week. I have been honored to have this key, knowing the value it has brought to my life and hoping she feels the healing I did from it. Thank you for imparting such special pieces in our lives.


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