Sharing the Message

I received my INSPIRE key as a birthday gift from a sweet friend, Andrea, who is an inspiration to me every day. It did not take long for me to know who was supposed to receive my key. I work with a dear lady, Janice, who has been a true inspiration to everyone around her especially during this past year. On August 29, 2014, my friend, co-worker, and distant relative lost her daughter, Emily, in a sudden car accident. Our daughters had been close friends for many years. They were close in age, shared the same last name, attended and graduated from the same high school, and roomed together in college. It was impossible for me to imagine how she would endure each day without her precious girl. But with God's grace, she has met each day with a smile and an encouraging word for everyone she meets. Many times she is the one who encourages and INSPIRES while you are the one who is blessed. When I told her about the giving key and shared why I wanted to give the word INSPIRE to her, she shared that she had recently chosen another necklace with that same word. The necklace I gave her was confirmation that she is to continue to INSPIRE others by sharing the message of Jesus Christ and his love for us and how He gives strength to carry on even when we don't see how it is possible. My daughter, Megan, recently got married and Janice was there to encourage and INSPIRE.