Courage for a Stranger

"COURAGE" was the word on my key. Given to me by a Jewel of great price. She gave it to me for my birthday this past March, and I wore it all the time. The note she gave me, spoke even more to me than the actual key of courage. But I cherished my key. I felt unstoppable. I work in an office. A tiny corner cubicle, that's actually quite cozy sometimes! Wearing my key to work was a favorite of mine. No one realized what hung around my neck, except for me! And trust me.... I felt as if I was in care of one of the world's greatest secrets!I started going to the gym around that same time. Which meant if I was squatting with a bar on my back, the chain dug into the back of my neck, which was not pleasant! So I'd just take it off and set it on the floor with my phone, and ALWAYS remember to put it back on. 

But then that tragic day..... I left it there. Once I realized my error, I fully excepted someone would turn it in to the "lost and found". 
But who am I kidding?! If I was a random stranger and found the key to courage, I'd steal it too!

So there's the story of how I passed my key along.. Not willingly, no. But I believe whoever might hold that key needs it more than I do. Because while I didn't have it long, I wore it often, and the courage seeped in, and that's my happy ending!

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