My Son

Our son, Trevor Holminski was murdered on August 22, 2015 at the age of 20. His "friend" admitted that he was responsible for his death. Our son had gone through some tough teenage years, depression due to the loss of his only grandmother and issues with addiction and self harm.

He really turned his life around as the attached video, Blue Crow, will show. He was in the process of getting a tattoo removed so that he could enlist in the U.S. Marine Corp. Now he will never get that chance.

I'm happy to say that he was in love with Melissa Vega and they were sure that they would marry someday. I received a "STRENGTH" key that I will be giving to Melissa because I think she needs it more than I do.

11/24/1994 - 08/22/2015. I miss my son! But now he is with his "Grammy" and I hope they are at peace.