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Believing in Myself Again

I was given this Key by a customer at my work, I never really felt connected to it until one day I realized that the 'fearless' was actually what I needed to be. My work with Emotional Women can be demanding and so very stressful, the Verbal Abuse that I have been subjected too for 10 years was beginning to take it's toll upon me. I developed Painful Breast Cysts and I knew if I did not do something soon to change my energy and outlook upon life, I felt that eventually my Breast Condition would have deteriorated into a much more serious condition. I love helping women, it is my Vocation in life, but the abusive retaliation from them blaming me for their life was becoming unbearable. I would literally shake with fear on the inside and then become paranoid that I was going to be 'attacked' - I did not know that I had the power all along - by being fearless and this Key truly helped me to believe in myself again and turn my life around. I started going to Yoga Classes and felt a great relief in my Breast Pain, my Yoga Teacher tells me 'Pain is trapped Energy' and I know through calmness and fearlessness I can live my life without fear of being attacked. 

Thank you for making these keys, I am passing mine on to a dear friend who has lost her dog recently and I feel compelled to send her the key. 

Love and Blessings to all who read this :)

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