Unwavering Faith

I received my STRENGTH giving key in the mail today. It was a gift from a friend and coworker. I had never heard of the giving keys and had no idea how much I was about to learn once I reached this website, rich with inspirational stories.

Never have I needed strength more than in the last 6 weeks. I took my 16 month old baby to the emergency room and didn't leave for 25 days! Where do you find strength when faced with something critical and you need to be stoic and brave quickly! How do you stay strong when you actually feel like crumbling to the floor?! My baby got sick, then an infection, then a terrible infection, followed by a second deeper and even more hateful infection, followed by surgeries, 9 scans, 2 failed procedures, anesthesia 6 times, 15 IVs, endless blood draws and even finger and heal pricks just to try them all.

Each day felt like a knock out punch. What would they have to do to her today? Nothing seemed to be working. I remember shaking with anxiety and feeling physical pain for everything my daughter had to endure. I was scared and worried until I realized I needed to change my attitude for my daughter. I transformed all of my worry and anxiety into gratitude and faith.

I was grateful for every step of the complicated process of care. And had unwavering faith that she would get better and beat this infection. 

I believe strength is always inside us and some of us have to dig deep to find it or simply be forced to find it during a crisis. We're strong when we need to be. We're the strongest when someone you love dearly needs you. I learned so much in this process.

Strength was also standing to trust the process, always watching the Drs and nurses, asking questions making informed decisions and being by her side day and night. Strength came in messages and notes from family and friends and long lost friends. Their words and prayer gave me and my family strength. Now I know strength is there when I need it and the key will be a beautiful reminder!

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