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Laugh Without Fear of the Future

Earlier this summer, two very dear friends of mine packed up, had a huge garage sale, and boarded a flight to Hungary for a year for missions school. That was on Tuesday. On Sunday after church, a bunch of friends gathered with them at a local park to send them off. It hadn't hit me just yet, but I knew that my time with my key was up.

In March, I ordered my key necklace with the word LAUGH stamped on it. Inspired by the Proverbs 31 saying that "she will laugh without fear of the future". I had dug deeper into my own personal faith to help conquer my fears of tomorrow. I had known that for a week before I looked at Angela...and knew my key needed a new human.

She was preparing to fly across the world with a husband of just under two years, a ten-month old, and a baby on the way, and no specific roadmap for the next year. If there was ever a woman who needed to learn to laugh at the days to come, it's Angela.

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