A Fearless Woman

This is my friend Jessie. I met her a year ago when she sat in my chair for the very first homeless rockstar event; I am a hairstylist & makeup artist.
Jessie was 18 and homeless in Redding, CA, she was living in a tent by the river with her dog and few personal belongings. She heard about our project called homeless Rockstars where she could come to have her hair and makeup done and then have a picture taken. After that an INNERview by a member of the city council or another local community member to learn who they are as a person, not why they're homeless. Jessie and I clicked right away, as she was super talkative as am I!! I quickly learned she had traveled from Washington with her then boyfriend and had been addicted to meth and many other horrible things, he had recently been taken to prison for terroristic threats towards her. She wanted to get better. A month later her mom emailed the photographer and thanked him for what we were doing because her daughter came home to get clean and start life again. 

As our project grew Jessie became the face of our campaign to break the barrier between homeless and regular society. When we were in LA this last week for the launch of the music video to our theme song "Rockstar" by screaming at demons, I was shopping at Kitson and came across your necklaces. I've wanted one for so long!!! In my heart I knew I needed to buy one and instantly give it to Jessie, I chose the necklace with the word FEARLESS on it.

Jessie is a fearless woman who had endured more than most will in their lifetime and she has come through it and now has the opportunity to share it with the world!!! I love your concept, I wish I could give one to every person I meet!!! Thank You for spreading human kindness!!

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