Comfort and Strength

I had heard about Giving Keys in the beginning of the Summer and LOVED the whole idea of it. I told my husband I wanted one for my birthday at the end of June. He said ok and we hadn't brought it up again. On June 20th, my world flipped upside down and I lost my mom unexpectedly. So, my husband bought me a "STRENGTH" key, didn't tell me he was going to, and gave it to me after my mom's visitation, which was two days before my birthday. It was amazing on how many comments I received about my key, and how much the key helped me through my hard times. I wore the key for literally three and a half months straight. Today, I gave it away to a friend of mine who just recently suffered a miscarriage. The key did a wonderful job of comforting me, and it was time for someone else to hear the message. She was so touched that I thought of her and it made me feel awesome.

I bought another Giving Key yesterday, with a new message, so I can continue to wear one and give it away when the time is right. Thank you for being such a great company!!