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"There May Be Yet Hope"

HOPE. I saw the key in Nashville, strolling 12 South alone. It was a two day visit last July, but I'd wanted to live there for the summer to pursue a dream. A few weeks before I got the key, I'd driven out past city limits to rural S. Carolina. I parked on the roadside and sat on the hood of my car. I was scared. Scared that my dreams of becoming a writer had been dreamt in vain, scared that moving to Nashville was a no-go. And so it was. But I saw that key with 'HOPE' etched into the front and all I could do was grab it. 

Flash forward to the end of September. A friend of mine shared some bold words. I don't know her well; I've only spent time with her two, maybe three times. But no matter- she's my friend, my sister in Christ. She'd been in a struggle for nearly half her life, a struggle that caused her to uproot all she was doing, and she shared it for the world to see. I know it broke down walls. It broke down mine. 

Lying in bed that night, her words were all I could think about. I remembered the key. Hope. Just days before, I'd taken the picture attached. On my way home I saw the color-splotched sky and pulled over and lowered the ISO to photograph it. "There may be yet hope," I thought. So it was time; time to give away.

I was scared at first. What if this isn't relevant? What if she thinks it odd coming from me? Without a shadow of a doubt, I just knew she needed living, tangible hope. So I sent it anyway. A long letter and a key in a drawstring bag. 

There may be yet HOPE.

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