A Great Measure of Courage

I have been wearing a Giving Key with the word COURAGE on it for some time now. It's something I struggle with. Fear and anxiety seem to creep into my mind any chance they get. I have to mentally grab ahold of the COURAGE that I wear around my neck and use it to propel me forward in times of fear. I recently started a new job and there I met Sarah-Kay. Passionate, creative, and brilliant are three words I would use to describe Sarah-Kay. After getting to know her, I found out that she adopted a precious baby girl last year. This is she and her husband's one and only child. This year she found out that the birth parents of her daughter are having another child and they want Sarah Kay and her husband to have this baby girl too. Although this all happed rather fast, Sarah Kay has had open arms for this new little one. She is off to Kansas to scoop up this new addition to their home tomorrow! Adoption is not free and the Dobbs family had to raise money for the last adoption and now they are raising money for this one. She is saying "yes" to this little girl without fully knowing she has enough money, enough space, enough heart to share...but she is saying YES because she already loves this little one she has yet to meet. I would call that COURAGE. Courage is not the absence of fear...it's the ability to walk through the fear with bravery. I am giving this Key to you Sarah-Kay... May God give you over and above what you need and ask for and supply COURAGE in great measure!!