Strength for the Process

This summer I received the most unique gift from a dear friend, The STRENGTH bracelet. It was during very difficult time when my dad got seriously ill. He was in the intensive care unit twice within a month period. I spent most of my summer on cape cod where he and my mom live. The second time he was in intensive care my mom feel at home when she was all alone and wound up in the hospital too. Its very hard to care for your mom and dad when they live 5 hours away from you. It was a very stressful for me and my brothers and sister. On top of all this heartache, then my best friend who was battling stage four colon cancer for the past 4 1/2 years took a turn for the worst. I stayed at her side in the hospital and the hospice with her family. Unfortunately she passed away.  

The amount of sadness in one summer was unbearable. But than out of the blue, a dear friend gave me this incredible gift to help me get through this difficult time. It truly helped. I would look at this gift and it would give me strength and reminded me how lucky I am to have people in my life that care about me. 

I now want to pass this gift along to a little 14 year old girl who is suffering from seizures. It s hard enough to be in school at this age but to continually have seizures during school among your classmates is heartbreaking. I'm hoping this bracelet will bring her strength the way it did for me. She is by far the strongest 14 year old I know!  

Thanks for making such wonderful product!