Faithful in My Trust

I went to a church camp over the summer, Bigstuf, in Florida and they were selling your keys. I chose one of the last ones they had, "FAITH" and have worn it everyday since. I have been asked nearly everyday by random strangers what it meant and have been more than happy to share your message. The impact this small key has made in my life has been tremendous and has served as a grounding point in my life as I have struggled to remain faithful in my trust in the Lord.

Today, our church had a going away party for our pastor and I gave him my key as a way to remind him to trust in his faith in God as he started this new chapter in his life and to know that God has a plan for him. I was surprised to see how much this small gesture meant to him as his eyes filled with tears. I am so thankful for your company and the message you have allowed me to share with the world. This will be an experience I will never forget.