Dream On

Ive been riding horses since I could walk, and I got my first horse (pictured) when I was 4 years old. I had him for 13 years. Its always been my DREAM to compete at the Olympics with my horse. however age caught up with him and after many hardships dealing with arthritis and ligament damage he told me "I'm done. I've done all that i have done for you Olivia, it's time for you to do the rest". I made the tough decision to retire my old man into greener pastures. Thank you Genius for all that you have taught me. You are not only my horse, but my best friend and teammate. I'll never forget the amazing things you have taught me about myself. My dad's girlfriend gave me the necklace with the key that says "DREAM" on it to always remind me never to give up on myself. Because my horse never did.