Power Between Sisters

I had all intentions of giving this key to my friend but God works in mysterious ways. When I wore the key that said "Believe", I would say a little prayer asking God to open my heart and chose the right person to give this to. To give you the complete story, I need to go back a little in time.

I have a sister and we are 15 months a part. 2 years ago, I posted something on Facebook that was misunderstood by my sisters husband. We had a huge argument and stopped speaking to one another. My sister is my best friend. She always has been ever since we were kids. We were poor and growing up in an area where majority of people had money, we were outcast. So we basically had each other. We were always together. I helped raise her 2 children because she worked an hour away so we saw each other everyday. When the Facebook argument happened, we stopped talking.

Finally, this past January, my sister and I reconciled. It was a dream come true. I didn't realize how much I missed her and needed her. We have spoken everyday since January 6th, 2015. She started sharing things with me that she hadn't done since high school. It was like we were in high school again. Constantly laughing and being lovable towards one another. My sister has a very stressful job and she opened up that there were some very hurtful things going on in her office and it was really hurting her. She is basically being bullied. She called me one night crying her heart out because she wasn't sure what to do. It broke my heart and God spoke to me and said "this necklace should be given to her". I wanted her to know that I BELIEVE in her and that I believed everything would work out. I told her how much I loved her and how much I believed in her and that everything would work out. We both stood there in the parking lot and cried. Things did get better in her office but most of all, my big sister knows how deeply I love her and the power between sisters never dies.