Always Dream Bigger

Last night I gave my key away. The key that I have worn around my neck for the past year to remind me to always dream bigger. 

At a Zac Brown Band concert last evening, I met a new friend who is passionate about giving back, about doing big things in the world that make an impact. He supports causes for both our veterans and pediatric cancer, and was discussing some exciting concerts that are upcoming to raise money. It touched my soul to see so much good and giving. 

As the “Dress Blues” song was performed on stage, I found myself in tears. My friend, Tommy, asked what they key around my neck was. I immediately felt the urge to take it off and give it to him. These key that has adorned my neckline for 12 months, and I had not had the urge to part with it. 

Perhaps I had not been ready, and I needed the reminder to keep dreaming. And perhaps it was time to inspire someone else to dream even bigger. Tommy is doing amazing things, and he has a voice in the world, so perhaps this small act could impact a lot more people. I really can’t explain what happened, it was a feeling, I knew the key must be given. 

On reflection as I write this, it feels as if I have accepted that by giving this dream key away, I am ready for the next step. Now Tommy’s DREAM key, has been a major part of the past 12 months. It has been to many cities, countries, continents, and has influenced a lot of conversation. This key has empowered me at meetings, and seen the White House. It has been incorporated into commencement speeches and has been there when I have hidden myself from the world to shed some tears. 

Tommy, take this key and dream bigger. You have done so much, and are so passionate. Pursue your dream of your non-profit work. As a cancer survivor, I applaud the work you are doing with pediatric cancer. I applaud what you are doing for our veterans. It hits home for many. And one day, give your new key away to help someone else dream bigger and do more. 
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