Bountiful Hope

Human kindness is overflowing in my friend Laura whom I have appointed as my life coach. HOPE is bountiful in all aspects of her inspiration. In my struggles with infertility, she has been my confidant and my friend who helps me to reason the unreasonable and allows me to feel the tangled up emotions that go along with this journey. My HOPE that I envision for a better future is a clearer picture because of her. She lives her life in such a way that she takes no bull and shares joy with others on a consistent basis. Most of all, she herself is on journey of self-empowerment and improvement and constantly inspires HOPE in those around blessed to count her as a friend. Her diligence and consistency are far reaching because I would venture to say her story of becoming a better her and embracing God’s perfect timing reaches far beyond her as well. I bought this HOPE key for Laura as a reminder of the gift she has given me in her friendship. She cared enough to not allow me to wallow in sadness but instead to HOPE for my future and for children in my life. She allows me to HOPE for a day in which I will become a mother. She gives me grace to be human and to always HOPE for more.  

Laura, your strength strengthens me; your spirit inspires me; your fight pushes me forward; you show me HOPE day in and day out. I am overjoyed with thanks that God put your kind soul into my life.