Words of Truth and Life

I was recently at a girls weekend in Hilton Head SC with 5 other amazing women. We became family when we each had a child who participated in The World Race. Our "racers" were part of an 11 month; 11 country mission trip that took them to countries in South America, the Far East and South Africa. We prayed for each other as well as our racers during that time and really have become a faith family. One of the ladies gave each of us a Giving Key and told us the story behind the keys.

Yesterday I went to my hairdresser, who is also a dear friend. She has been dealing with so much tragedy lately. Her only daughter died suddenly from a very aggressive cancer; her oldest grandson has a mysterious illness which is causing him to miss a lot of work and taking a toll on his personal life; her relationship with her only son is extremely strained and just prior to me arriving, she and her hubby had an argument that left her in tears. She told me that she didn't know how much more she could take. She had actually contemplated sitting in her garage with the car running!!!!!!! She told me she had stopped going to church and she was very confused about God. My mom & I listened to her and were able to speak words of truth & life over her.

gave her my key which was engraved with "FAITH". I told her the significance of the key and that whenever she felt overwhelmed or alone to just hold on to the key and whisper the name "JESUS". She placed the key around her neck; thanked me and gave me a long hug. Anyone reading this, please pray for my friend Norma. I am so thankful that I was able to pay it forward and look forward to seeing what God will do in her life. Thank you Virginia for the blessing of the giving key :)

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