Exactly What She Needed

I purchased this key when I was in Canada shortly after my grandfather had passed. When I found this key I knew it would be perfect for my friend I was going to be visiting in Europe in a few months. But at the time I was really needing the strength. When I flew to Europe, key around my neck, I knew I had to give this key at the right time. Finally I found out my friend had booked us a trip to Rome and I knew that would be the perfect place. After a visit to Vatican City we were out for dinner and I knew this was the perfect time.

When I gave to her she cried and told me that this was the exact thing she needed, as she had been going through lots of medical issues for the entire summer and did not share it with anyone outside her family. It's as if when I went to look at the keys I was called to the STRENGTH one because it knew who needed it the most. This key has been in 4 different countries! So in the photo we took it on a lock bridge. Very fitting for it! Thank you for coming up with this fantastic idea!