Embrace Love

I saw these on instagram. I love the idea of these keys and who they help. Plus, who they might help... determined on who crosses your path. Two days later I attended a big shopping event in Jackson, MS. A booth from Louisiana had them. I bought two - Dream and Faith ( XL gold color). Tuesday, my best friend in college texted me her nephew, had died. Later I learned he took his own life. He was a beautiful soul, who I had the pleasure and honor of hanging him. In fact, when I hugged his mom tonight, she held me tight and quoted me every memory her first born son and I had shared. This morning, I knew today was the visitation. So, I packed up my 2nd key FAITH... and thought if I get to hug my friend’s neck.. I will put it on her and pass her the little pouch and black card. I believe God loves us so much, he covers the "grey" areas. When we hugged, we cried and embraced. I put the faith key off my neck and put it on her. She is beautiful. The whole family is beautiful. Their loss is unimaginable. I loved this boy with my whole heart, I can’t believe he is gone. But I do believe he is “home”. And I want my friend and all the family to know.. I have faith he is home. I want them to have faith, they will pull through. All emotions are allowed and accepted, anger, grief, reminder, people are hurting and we need to step in. Thank you for your vision. It comforted her in an odd way, she got to wear it and played with it as she stood and greeted people. It helped her cope. And it helped me pass along a message of love and acknowledgement of a huge loss. Thank you. #StuartYourLifeMattered Thankful she knows how loved she is, thankful she can hold on to that key for the rest of her life.